Monday, September 5, 2011

Album release, art show, and photo shoot ....OH MY!!!!

Yeah, riiiiiiight ;)

August was a whirlwind of artistic and musical whimsy and babyness all combined. In the beginning of the month, my photog friend and musical genius, Jonah, aka Kollage, had an album release party.

DJ Kollage - They've Landed Album Release Party  8.10.11 Canon 20d
DJ Kollage - 8.10.11 Canon 20d

His album, They've Landed, was an eargasm of beats and sound. It was an honor and privilege to take photos for him this night. As the people enjoyed the beats and got to play around with Vince's camera, he also had the japanimation movie, Akira in the background.

DJ Kollage - 8.10.11 Canon 20d
Later on in the month, Escapism's monthly art show at Maya Essence burst into the seams....

Kym Thomas - She's AMAZING!!!
One of my newest artists ROCK LAND!!!
Joe Dennis on the left, Melinda Jane Myers on the right

...and some new artists join in the fun also!!!!!!

Jesse Rivera
Mark Harvey
It's great to know that there are people out there that are willing to share their work with everyone. I definitely enjoyed this art exhibit.....then again I love all of them ;)

A couple days after the art show, Vince's best friend, Jonah (not to be confused with DJ Kollage) and his girlfriend Whitney had a baby shower at the gallery. Beforehand they had an impromptu photo shoot.

Jonah and Whitney. photo taken by Vincent Harvey. Canon 20d

After some goofing around and taking some of the silliest photos....

...Vince did capture some really touching images and definitely put some things into perspective. There's a baby coming and we can't wait!!!

Jonah and Whitney. photo taken by Vincent Harvey. Canon 20d

So August came and went with many happy thoughts and photographic opportunities. I can't wait to see what September brings :) It will definitely bring a new baby to our fold of friends.....