Saturday, February 12, 2011

My artist bio

Window shopping. Black and white 35mm film.

It took me forever to work on artist bio. I had so many that I've used, but they didn't really include anything about photography. This art show that I've curated at Maya Essence is on tonight. TONIGHT!!!! Can you believe it? Trust me, I can't. Yesterday was great! I had so much amazing help with everything that I feel alot more calmer and I'm actually looking forward to this. I even got some business cards too!

But anyway, back to my bio. I always made fun of the ones that I would read that sounded so uber profession and were like 4 or 5 paragraphs long. Even when I went as far as making artist bios for other people I always kept them really short. As I started typing mine out, I came to realize that I had a lot to say when it comes to my art, the reason why I love it and why I always came back to photography. This is the first art show that I've ever been in that will have my photography and only my photography. I can't believe it really.

So without further ado, here is what I came up with. I hope you like it :)

My first picture I have ever taken was when I was 4 yrs old. I took pictures of my Mom’s flowers in her garden and a few pictures of my dolls. My first picture I ever developed was when I was 5. Here I was, standing on tip toes on a stool, wearing a hospital mask (my dad was trying to protect me from the fumes…even tho it still stuck pretty bad) with adult size rubber gloves up to my armpits moving around a piece of paper in what I called “special water,” trying to make magic. To be honest I don’t remember what I developed that day and I’m pretty sure those pictures didn’t come out very well, but it was just nice to be able to do something that my Dad did for a living at that time. 

I have been dabbling in every kind of art for many years. Sketches, painting, speed ball and a bit of typography, but I always came back to photography. It’s second nature to me.  I always felt that with a snap of a button I can create a memory that will last a lifetime for some and tell a quick story for others.  I consider myself a person that’s, “75% film, 25% digital,” when it comes to taking pictures. I will always have rolls of 35mm film in my bag and some kind of camera in there as well (camera phone is not included in this confession).

 My main focus right now is to help other artists portray their artwork no matter what type of media it is in venues that are open to allowing them to express themselves in a place where there is no judgment or scorn. Artists deserve to have their work displayed and have people enjoy it. Their art is their voice that needs to get heard and to be seen by everyone.  

Window shopping for flowers. Black and white 35mm film

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First art show of the year :)

Me with Ms. Beasley :) January 2011

I'm finally getting together a bunch of my local artsy fartsy friends and put together an art show called, "I <3 Chicago Artists." I'm super happy and excited for this. I'm looking forward to showing some of my photos since I usually put up paintings. Here's a sneak peak:

Simon with rose. 35mm film. 2008

Earwax cafe. 35mm film 

Chicago River from the Brown Line. 35mm film.

I'm mostly excited for the Affordable Art table. There's no way that any of us artists will not sell anything as long as they participate in that. I'm selling magnets, postcards, and prints. Another fellow artist makes her artwork into earrings and other pieces of jewelry. This is going to be great!

Hope to see you there!