Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Analogue photos with friends

Me trying to be magical :) Blackberry phone. April 2011.

Once upon a time in the month of March I've been feeling kind of low. So I decided to hang out with my friend Jonah one day and my cousin Laura on another day and just went around taking photos.

With Jonah I had my wonderful and very heavy Argus C3 Rangefinder camera. I call him Auggie :)
Ain't Auggie a handsome devil? Blackberry phone. Not exactly sure when I took this pic...

He's a heavy beast of a camera that was built in the 1940's. I was shopping at a Salvation Army one day with my friend and fellow photog Ali and that's where I found him. I heard him calling out my name, begging me to pick him up and take him home with me. Although he was kind of dusty, he was very trustworthy in taking photos. I did have to look up online to figure out how to take pictures with him because I seriously felt like I was tearing apart the rolls of film, but after a few tries I finally figured it out. And now look at the awesomeness that we both we able to capture...

Dried up vines. Auggie Rangefinder. 35mm film. March 2011

Metal Stucture at a park in Chicago. Auggie. 35mm film. March 2011
Jonah amongst the metal. Auggie. 35mm film. March 2011
After noon sunlight coming thru the windows of Julius Meinl. Auggie. 35mm film. March 2011
A week or so after hanging out with Jonah, I went out playing with my cameras with my cousin Laura in the northern suburbs of Chicago. I brought my little Samsung point and shoot and I had another film camera. I found this little love bug when I went to a second hand store. It's a cute little pocket size Canon 35mm "point and shoot." We went to a forest preserve and I let Laura use the digital while I used the film camera. This time I used black and white film.

Hi Laura!!! B&W 35mm film. March 2011
B&W 35mm film. March 2011.
B&W 35mm film. March 2011.
B&W 35mm film. March 2011
After our moment of walking along a muddy path and some tree hugging Laura and I decided to take a trip to the nearest mall. She needed to buy some sunglasses. 'Lo and behold, we find an awesome unicorn hat! She needed to buy it so whenever she was feeling down she could wear the magical thing and be happy :)

Oh yeah, she did get sunglasses too. The day wasn't a total wash :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Catching up on blog.....oops!

Me and Aive at Poker Run for Bailey! April 2011. Canon 20d

So uh yeah....no excuse for me not updating the blog. I have been super busy with fundraisers, art shows, birthdays, work, and life. Still, no excuse!

The month of April really was a whirlwind of artistic endeavors. In the beginning of the month I finally received my awesome business cards from Moo.com. The are AMAZING!!!! And they fit me and my, "all good things come in small packages," personality!

All of these photos are mine! Taken with both digital and 35mm film cameras.

Then, I had the honor (and duty) to take photos at my niece Bailey's fundraiser. My beautiful mini me niece Bailey has this opportunity of a life time to travel to Australia this summer as a Student Embassador for the People to People program. Color Auntie Jealous!!! But, who am I to not help raise some funds for this amazing trip. Her parents and their friends organized this fundraiser where they opened up their houses, had food, booze, and lots of gambling. All the money raised went to Bailey's trip.

My mini me Bailey on her 11th birthday :) March 2011. Blackberry phone camera.
Towards the end of the month I had an art show at Maya Essence. The date landed on Earth Day so I called it Earth Day Art Show ( I know...so original right?).  Hey, it worked and we had an amazing turn out! 

Earth Day Art Show. April 2011. Canon 20d

The artists that participated with the Earth Day Art Show had to showcase recycled art, affects of people population, or nature themed art.

Here's my stuff! I chose my bug photos :)

Kym Thomas

Dave Parker
Dave ParkerDa

Alison Downs

I'm so happy that I get to do this on a regular basis. It's the best!

Stay tuned for my goings on for the month of May. I already have stuff lined up :)