Saturday, June 11, 2011

Anything Goes......Art Show :)

Me and Ali :)

Last month's art show was called, "Anything Goes...."  And in all honesty, it was pretty true to the title :)

Piotr and Kelly :)
I got my drink and my two-step!

We had some amazing new artists that participated this time around as well :)

Julita Danielewicz

Pitor Kuczaj

 And of course, the regular artists brought some amazing work.
Alex Puryear

Kym Thomas

Juan Corona

Unfortunate and surprising for me, I didn't bring of my digital cameras. I did bring a Minolta x-700 slr that I recently found at work. I'm still in the process of testing it out. I also had some pretty old film in the camera. Some of the photos came out pretty good. Others did not fair so well (Piotr's photo of his artwork came out really light). All in all, the evening went well. We all had lots of fun :)

The good news is that we now have 3 shows set up for the next 3 months. Woohoo!!! Even better news is that we have finally come up with a name to call us group of local artists. We are now called Escapism. I like the sound of it :) We have a website that's still in the early stages, but if you would like to check it out, here it is: Check on us periodically to keep posted with our comings and goings.

So happy everything is coming together :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Animals of Sea World

Me making out with the fishes :)

I had this opportunity to fly out to Orlando for a few days. So I jumped at it and ran...well, more like flew...

One of the places I got a chance to go to was Sea World. I was able to take some amazing photos of the animals inside and outside of the water.

Beautiful flamingos taking a snooze. 

A smiling (i know it's not really smiling) sting ray :)
A very spikey sea urchin.
A puffin :D

A real Florida gator!

And how can anyone ever go to Sea World without checking out a few of the main attractions? So I got a chance to catch a few shows :)

Performing seals/sea lions.
A very theatrical dolphin show.
And how can you not see Shamu?
Some time during my visit to Sea World I came across a big hunk of amazingness and fell in love. Her name is Sara.

Sara the Manatee :)
I seriously wanted to take her home with me. Not exactly sure how Simon or Becca would appreciate me bringing home an enormous mammal such as Sara. Alas I left her there. She seemed happy and content. But I seriously think that Simon would enjoy riding on her back every once in a while :)

At least I got a chance to have my face plastered on the big jumbo screen after Shamu performed :)

Do you see me? I'm on the second top to the left :)